Penis plugs: Are these worth a try?

Penis plugs can be so much fun. These are some of the rarest toys designed for men, although ladies can use them too. There are no limits. However, there are a couple of things you need to know before you decide to try them by yourself. 

Knowing the deal first

If you are interested in penis plugs, how they work, the type of sensations when inserted, how to use them, and other things, the first step on your list should be informing yourself. It is essential to know what you need to do to avoid any potential problems and maximize the pleasure. 

Since penis plugs are becoming rather popular, there are so many different models out there you can try, and each offers a different type of stimulation. Needless to say, it is up to you to find the model that you will enjoy to the fullest. 

The idea behind urethral plugs is quite simple. They are usually made of metal, and the idea is to insert them into the urethra. Stimulating the inner walls of the urethra is pleasurable for so many penis owners, and you can even find models suitable for prostate massages. 

Digging in deeper

The main problem with urethral insertion is the dangers that come with it. Sounding is not dangerous per se, but you can hurt yourself if you are being too rough or have no idea what you’re doing. 

Firstly, you need to use a lubricant, and you need a lot of it. The only way to avoid damaging the urethra is if everything goes as smoothly as possible. The second tip is to start slow. Urethral play is not the time to go wild, and these sex toys can be dangerous if you rush the process. 

Take your time, and explore the sensation. The primary reason why urethral sounds are dangerous is that they can cause micro-tears on the wall of the urethra. This can lead to infections and further problems you want to avoid. 

Finally, there are solid plugs you can find on the market that are designed for stimulating the prostate. This means that they are quite long and that they need to go all the way in. Pushing the sound too hard can rupture the bladder, which is another thing you don’t need in your life. 

The entire process can be perfectly safe as long as you follow the precautions and instructions. Keep in mind that sounding originated in the medical field, and it is a procedure that found its place in sexual play later on. That means that nothing will happen to you as long as you are careful. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so just inform yourself as much as you can about the topic if you are inexperienced in urethral sounding. 

Precautions and tips for a safer penis plugs insertion

As we mentioned before, this form of sexual pleasure is becoming more and more popular by the day. That means that you can find numerous different toys on the market, and each offers something unique. Sounds used as penis plugs come in all shapes and sizes, and the first thing on your list is to find a perfect model for your needs. 

This includes texture, size, and shape. Since the texture will have a significant impact on the experience, try finding something that doesn’t seem too scary. The safest option is to go for stainless steel models and standard penis plugs. 

Of course, lubrication will play a crucial role in the experience. Our recommendation is to use a lot of lube and start slow. This way, you will get used to the sensation and have a better understanding of what you can expect from this type of sex toy. There is no reason for you to rush the process, and the primary focus should be your health. 

Size matters for men too

One of the things we briefly touched on before is the size. Penis plugs have different sizes, and you need to find a toy that’s a perfect fit. Now, by size, we don’t mean the length of the toy. This is one of the rare cases where length is not as important. If you feel like the toy is too long, you don’t need to put the entire sound in your urethra. Go as deep as you like. There are no rules that state that the entire toy should go inside, and you do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

But the important dimension is the thickness of the toy. This is where things get interesting. An ideal penis plug has the same size as the inner diameter of the urethra. And this should be the toy of your dreams. It should be neither too thin nor too thick. Think of it as Goldilocks of penis plugs. 

Over time, you might want to try something a bit bigger, and that’s perfectly fine. Bigger toys are designed for a reason, but they shouldn’t be the first model you buy. 

Urethral sounds curiosity

People often use the terms “sounds” and “plugs” interchangeably, and the reason for that is that both types of toys have a similar purpose. They are both used for urethral stimulation, and they have a similar design. 

However, the main difference is in the shape and dimensions. Medical sounds look like stainless steel rods, and they are often a bit longer. Plugs, on the other hand, are a lot shorter but often have a thicker end. 

It is similar to the difference between dildos and butt plugs. The one is designed to stay in place and provide stimulation just by being there, while the other is for repeated insertion. Naturally, you won’t use the sound in the same way as a dildo. 

Safety tips for a safe sexual enjoyment

There are two key tips to fully enjoying penis plugs. Firstly, you need to use a lubricant, and second, you need to take time with it. You can’t rush the process, and there is no point in trying. The idea is to enjoy the journey and everything that comes with it. 

So, take your time. Relax. You need to be fully prepared for the experience, especially if you’ve never tried something similar before. Penis plugs can be so much fun, but only if you follow the rules and relax as much as you can. If, at any point, you stop enjoying it or it feels uncomfortable, stop. There is no reason for you to force yourself. Just remember that using a plug takes practice. 

Once you’ve given it a couple of tries, you will understand why these toys are so popular and why you need to give them another go.